Software - Summary

Arduino: Enabling the Internet of Things [2009-04-05] Overview The Arduino is a micro-controller platform (AVR ATmega) constructed completely from open-source hardware and software.  Since the Arduino is open, inexpensive, easy to acquire and very easy to use ... it has become quite popular amongst the hacker community. There are many different
Automation protocol: Java X10 library (bug fixes for J.Peterson's X10 API 1.0.1) Overview Back in 1999, Jesse Peterson wrote an excellent X10 protocol library in Java. During one of those (rare) occasions when his web site appeared to be down for an extended period, a project I was working on needed some simple modifications to the original work. So, in the spirit of the
Boost: Java Primordial Class Library (developed by LeapStream / NetStorm) Overview Boost is a collection of low-level Java interfaces and classes that provide enhanced implementations of the most common java.lang.Object methods, e.g toString(), equals() and hashCode(). Especially useful for application classes that are data structural in nature. Using
Software Zoo: Open Source Java packages [1998 - 2003] Overview Back around 1998, several software developers started an open-source Java project for collecting together commonly used infrastructural packages.  One of the rationales was that different commercial clients would not have to pay for the same developers, writing the same code, over and
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