Technical Notes and Examples - Summary

Embedding a Java Applet inside a Daisy document [2005-09-22] Live example file:/home/httpd/html/ Overview The Daisy CMS restricts the allowed HTML mark-up tags within a Document's content. However, the include tag permits the inclusion of other HTML pages that are effectively unlimited in what they contain. By
Installing an APC UPS on Linux [2005-09-13] Live example Geekscape web server UPS status (live link) ... http://localhost/apcupsd/multimon.cgi Sadly, the "Local Host" and "Live data" links don't work when embedded in this page, use the "live link" (as above) to delve deeper Overview For important systems, such as business and home
Installing Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum on Linux Fedora Core 4 Live example To be completed Overview To be completed Description ALSA configuration for Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Installed AweSFX (SoundBlaster utilities) Installed Sound and MIDI utilities (mostly from Planet CCRMA) - See - See
Installing MythTV 0.20.1 on Linux Fedora Core 6 for Australian TV References MythTV web site MythTV installation guide Linux Driver for the DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T range (recommended digital TV tuner card) Previous notes Installing MythTV 0.18.1 on Linux Fedora Core 4 (used to be much more difficult in the past) Prerequisites Installation of Fedora Core 6
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