Software Zoo: Open Source Java packages [1998 - 2003]


Back around 1998, several software developers started an open-source Java project for collecting together commonly used infrastructural packages.  One of the rationales was that different commercial clients would not have to pay for the same developers, writing the same code, over and over again.  Pretty obvious these days, but it is hard to believe that you just couldn't convince clients not to waste their money reinventing various software wheels and instead allow developers to contribute and re-use via open-source projects !

And, so the Java Software Zoo was born.

Since the end of 2002, it has fallen into disrepair.  Even software has entropy :)

"A movie is never finished, only abandoned." -- George Lucas

Artifacts / Downloads

Currently, the nightly build and release mechanisms are running on very old infrastructure set-up way back in May 2001. And, it's still running now, once a day !

The most recent useful nightly build is ...


Before too long, the software will be resurrected and moved into the new development infrastructure.  At that stage, on-going development will recommence.

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