Automation protocol: Java X10 library (bug fixes for J.Peterson's X10 API 1.0.1)


Back in 1999, Jesse Peterson wrote an excellent X10 protocol library in Java.

During one of those (rare) occasions when his web site appeared to be down for an extended period, a project I was working on needed some simple modifications to the original work. So, in the spirit of the LGPL license, his Java X10 library along with some local bug fixes and recent builds can be found via the links below.

To avoid any unfortunate code forks, it'll be good to get even these small changes back into the original code base.

Artifacts / Downloads

The X10 Binary Jar contains only the classes for J2SE, but not the TINI embedded system.

The X10Source Jar includes source, documentation, examples and release notes (see the top-level index.html) for the changes made since the original 1.0.1 version. The TINI embedded X10 server can be built from the X10 Source Jar.

On-going development

Bug fixes and improvements will be made on an as needed basis.
If you have any queries, then please image:andyg_email_address.gif


The Java X10 API is the Intellectual Property of Jesse Peterson
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